A Formula for Success


Having previously been the creative director for the company, I was hired as a contractor to develop unique dynamics and user flow for a game intended to compete with and move beyond an established best-selling mobile hit (Candy Crush Saga).

The Goal

Cookie Jam’s brief was simple: Create a 3-in-a-row game that would take go a step beyond Candy Crush, the top–10 best-seller.

By adding new game dynamics and a streamlined UX/UI, the game would be able to not only grab audience from Candy Crush, but also excite new players.

The Strategy

Although Cookie Jam would be considered a “clone”, it would need to distinguish itself with a fresh interface and unique gameplay.

More important than the simple play dynamics, it would be necessary to make sure that the game spoke to the user’s need to achieve while constantly unlocking new content.

In the mobile space acquisition costs are now well over $10 per player. Mechanics and monetization model would have to work together flawlessly to justify the marketing spend.

I was brought into evaluate the game’s play dynamics and come up with ideas for alternate patterns of play.

I worked with management to redefine the game’s interface, play pieces, and level-map.

An earl concept for the Knack home page.

The Outcome

Since its release, Cookie Jam has remained one of the most profitable and successful titles for SGN. Debuting in the top 10 it has remained in the top 50 games on the app store.