The Level Up Design Podcast
Episode 06: Jehn Glynn

Andrew Stern

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Welcome to Level 6 of the Podcast! This episode I interview Jehn Glynn. She’s a Graphic Designer, a creative entrepreneur, a brand specialist, and a whole lot more! We find out how branding and brand guidelines influence the relationship between a designer and their customers, including how things can go right, and where the can go very wrong.

Show Notes

00:00:40 Discover the Creative Roundtable:

00:02:31 There isn’t much left of Angelfire these days:

00:04:15 Scottsdale Community College:

00:04:50 Arizona State:

00:06:00 WordPress vs. Drupal:

00:09:30 Humans of New York:

00:10:40 Jon Linton and the “I Have a Name Project”:

00:12:24 Courtney Z. Photography:

00:21:08 Here’s Jehn’s brand book:
And here it is on her portfolio:

00:26:00 Save the Children’s Logo:

00:29:30 It was all built around the “Arch Deluxe”:
Also, it was 1996, not the early 2000s.

00:34:30 Check out the Sean Hemak episode!

00:42:40 I was sort of right: Ikea left Futura for Verdana back in 2009:

00:43:30 Jessica Hische:

00:45:00 Here’s Courtney Z. in Jehn’s portfolio:

00:49:30 Okay, I’m sure there’s some guy out there cutting up zipatone, but just that one guy.

00:51:30 Check out the Leo Frishberg episode:

00:59:00 Jehn Glynn:

00:50:40 The Creative Roundtable one more time!

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