The Level Up Design Podcast
Episode 05: Dmitri Salcedo

Dmitri Salcedo

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Welcome to Level 5 of the Podcast!
On this episode I’m talking with software engineer and game designer, Dmitri Salcedo.
Dmitri has been making games since the 90s, and we talk about balancing design and code.
We’ll discuss his work on Michael Gagné’s Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. as well as tools, developers, publishers, and the challenges of making great games in a constantly changing business environment.

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Show Notes

00:01:30 Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
00:01:46 The game out in 2012
00:02:20 Metroidvania is term describing any 2D side scroll game that combines the exploration dynamics of Metroid and Castlevania games.
00:03:35 Michell Gagné is truly an amazing artist.
00:03:45 Joe Olson
00:04:35 The Torque engine
00:04:50 The company was Dynamix!
00:05:00 The less said about The Destiny of Zorro the better.
00:07:15 Here’s that trailer.
00:09:30 Corwin Light-Williams is almost impossible to find on the internet.
00:10:40 John Scrapper
00:17:00 Xbox Live Indie Games was a separate marketplace on Live from XBLA. Definitely the wild west, for a time.
00:17:21 The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai
00:20:30 Microsoft Windows Live Messenger
00:21:20 Shadowrun on Games for Windows Live
00:26:00 Psybadek
00:26:40 Here’s the Psygnosis titles I mentioned:
Colony Wars
00:27:20 Peter Chung’s G-Police Commercial
00:30:25 “The Quake Guy” was Fatal1ty. He’s spending his time playing on Twitch. He also still makes and sells gaming gear.
00:32:40 FXVille: Here’s their current reel.
00:36:00 Ryan ended up being on episode 02. Yes, I’m not necessarily releasing these in the same order I recorded them.
00:37:00 Here’s the Google neural network images.
00:37:30 7 Wonders
00:42:10 Clutchplay Portland
00:44:20 It’s called Bullet Train, unsurprisingly.
00:48:07 More on Playdeck’s problematic Kickstarter.
00:49:00 Skullduggery
00:50:00 Helloeyeballs
00:50:15 PigSquad
Oregon Game Organization