The Level Up Design Podcast
Episode 03: Ryan Spangler

Ryan Spangler

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Welcome to Level 3 of the Podcast!
In this episode, I sit down for a discussion with Ryan Spangler about his new board game, SOL: Last Days of a Star.
Ryan is a software engineer by trade, but he’s spent the last two years crafting his game design.
By the time you read this, his game should be fully funded on Kickstarter!
Join us as we discuss the trials and tribulations of developing physical objects designed for fun.

Download the episode here.

Show Notes

00:04:45 Yes, Google can both embrace flat design and have clunky interfaces.
00:05:30 Maybe I’ll write a book about it.
00:05:50 Sol Last Days of a Star Kickstarter
00:07:30 Little Bird
00:08:10 OHSU Computational Biology
00:08:30 Trireme Game
00:12:00 Schrodinger’s Cat
00:15:06 5th Edition D&D
00:17:00 How to Play Go
00:19:50 Progress Quest
00:20:35 Rise of Heroes
00:21:20 King of New York
00:22:00 Ra Board Game
00:23:44 Reiner Knizia
00:24:00 Sean Spangler is his brother.
00:26:10 I’m not claiming to have invented this loop, but it’s mind-blowingly fundamental.
00:27:03 The Forge was a force to be reckoned with in the early 2000’s indie rpg world.
It was closed in 2012, although the posts remain.
00:34:20 I’ve now been to Gamestorm, and it’s awesome.
00:34:40 Jodi Sweetman
00:44:45 Anomalisa. I did finally see it. It’s good.
00:47:30 What happened to the “Coolest” cooler.
00:49:00 The awesome pieces for Sol
00:50:00 John Mietling
00:59:00 Magic the Gathering Deck Building
01:00:00 Dominion was the first deck builder.
01:04:00 Okay, we talked about this within the podcast.
01:06:00 “His pattern indicates 2 dimensional thinking.”

01:06:00 BoardGame Geek
01:08:00 Sandy Peterson
01:08:30 Kingsport Festival
01:09:00 Elephant Laboratories
01:10:15 Elephant Labs Games on Facebook
01:10:50 [email protected]