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Episode 04: Sean Hemak

Sean Hemak

Welcome to Level 4 of the Podcast!
Today I’m talking with incredible illustrator, Sean Hemak.
He’s a graphic artist and creative director by trade, but as you’re about to hear, he does a whole lot more, including wrapping trucks, and relaunching Yogi Bear with a whole new mythology.

He’ll share his wisdom on how he develops amazing projects while keeping his clients happy.

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Show Notes

00:01:00 PSC Graphics
00:03:00 Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation
00:06:41 Kendall College of Art & Design
00:06:43The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
00:07:40 Kisstory
00:10:30 Miyamoto Musashi is “Japan’s Greatest Swordsman” and part of many legends.
00:19:35 Coca Cola & the NFL
00:20:15 Happy Feet
00:26:00 Large format vinyl printers: get your own!
00:27:40 Weta Workshop
00:34:00 Sketchup hasn’t been Google for a while, but it’s still around.
00:38:00 I didn’t get the gig, sadly.
00:41:00 You check out Rosanna Scimeca’s work.
00:46:00 I’m not linking to the terrible book cover, so don’t ask.
00:51:30 I’m told there are decent claws for our VR avatars. I’m dubious.
00:54:00 [Upper Playground] PDX(
00:56:00 Sean’s Gold Bank Sketches
00:59:00 Sean’s Smokey Bear work.
01:01:00 Sean’s show was a big hit!

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