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Episode 02: Leo Frishberg

Andrew Stern

Welcome to Level 2 of the Podcast!
This week I interview Leo Frishberg. Leo is a long-time designer with a set of powerful opinions to match his impressive resume!
He’s recently written a book on “presumptive design”, and it’s filled with incredible techniques that allow designers to make better decisions earlier and more effectively.

Leo’s Book, Presumptive Design: Design Provocations for Innovation, can be found on Amazon here.

You can also purchase it directly from the publisher. Use the code COMP315 for a 30% discount and free shipping!

You can download the episode here.

Show Notes

00:01:20 But Amazon uses data to be precisely as delightful as it needs to be to make more money!
00:02:25 Google Mail in particular, rewards exploration.
00:03:00 5 Dangers of Flat Design
00:03:35 Let’s call that “Discovering Deleting with Delight”.
00:04:15 Although I think “Easter Egg” has become an almost useless term.
00:04:50 Presumptive Design: Design Provocations for Innovation
00:05:20 Phase II Design
00:07:00 Autocad in the 80s
00:08:30 Herman-Miller
00:12:00 My father’s company had the brilliantly direct name of “Automated Reservation Systems”, as many things did back in those days.
00:13:15 Early software was a lot more about the system than it was the user.
00:17:30 Rumination
00:21:40 Tektronics
00:26:30 It’s odd that the Hippos aren’t discussed more as a fundamental aspect of design.
00:36:00 How to give/receive a good critique.
00:46:00 It was Raph Koster who said that, although when I talked to him about it, he didn’t remember saying it.
00:48:30 Moiré Patterns
00:53:25 The UK Design Council Double Diamond
00:54:15 Lean UX
00:57:15 CHIFOO Meetup
00:58:10 Mapping Experiences: James Kalbach
01:04:00 You can find the site here.
01:05:00 This episode is a bit late. Sorry if you missed the webinar.
Web Visions
Phase II Design:
01:06:40 Can you tell I had a cold this week?

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